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Blue Sky

Welcome to the International Soul Truth Community

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“I love what I do. I’m so proud of this community where everyone contributes, shares their truth and inspires each other, in search of their best self.”
Harry The Soul Coach

Within the Soul Truth Community, with my guidance, you will discover your true self, the real you. We will explore your ego and the role it plays in finding your soul. You will become your best self, full of truth, freedom, happiness, joy, kindness and love. And we experience everything in the NOW, because the present moment is the only time that you have control over your life. Together, let us continue along the exciting path of awakening, your journey to the life of your dreams, the life you deserve.




Here, at the Soul Truth Community, our foundation is Truth, and we give everyone the opportunity to share, learn and grow in a safe space without judgement.

Both our weekly coaching calls and our private Telegram group are safe spaces, a chance to connect with other community members, learn from them, support them and really feel that sense of connection that we all need in our lives. 




Weekly Group Coaching calls are an essential part of the Soul Truth Community.  You will learn how to navigate challenges, become aware of the power of your words, gain practical advice on dealing with difficult conversations and feel confident to stand on your own truth in real life situations.

The Soul Truth Community is exactly what your soul needs for Your Awakening.



In the community we gather online for weekday meditation sessions. 

These sessions are not like any meditation you will have experienced before. Harry's carefully curated playlists and beautifully crafted words will take you on a journey to places new, places where you can really feel your soul and hear what it's trying to tell you.

Blue Sky

This video is an example of a Group Coaching call.

Take some time to enjoy it, grab a pen and paper and take part in the workshop to really get a feel for what it's like to be a part of our community.


SOUL REVIVE: Your soul awakening is now live,
sign up for my 30-day program today.

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